Colourstart Passport Skin-Testing Kit

Colourstart Passport Skin-Testing Kit

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Colourstart can show whether someone may be allergic to one of the ingredients, called PPD, used in hair colorants. Find here a step by step guide to how to use Colourstart and how Colourstart works.

This is a kit you can purchase to then do your skin test at home before you come to us for your appointment, instead of travelling into the salon.

What is Colourstart Passport?

By carefully answering a simple set of questions, Colourstart Passport can help you decide if Colourstart is suitable for you to use. Your answers may also help you make an informed decision on whether you should avoid hair colour. Colourstart Passport stores the answers to your questions and also any pictures you have taken of your test result.

This can be helpful to share with your hairdresser, beauty therapist or
barber for future reference to avoid potentially unnecessary retesting.
Colourstart Passport can be shared with any participating hair professional.

What will Colourstart Passport tell me?

Once you have completed the questions in Colourstart Passport you will get one of three answers:

01Go ahead! You can colour your hair now, without needing to use Colourstart.

02Hang on! Colourstart is suitable to use before colouring your hair.

03Think again! You may not be suitable for Colourstart or hair colour. If you are unsure about what to do, you may wish to consult a pharmacist or doctor.

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