Family Events & Resources.

Our aim is to build a strong and loving community around us and you to help with resources they may not be available to everyone.

This will hopefully turn into a page that can offer a catalogue of locally based resources that can help many local people and families in the South Ribble area and further.

Mini Mornings -

We do welcome children in our salon, but please do take advantage of our Mini Mornings.

These morning will start by being held once a month and will build from there to hopefully a weekly event, depending of demand.

We wanted to provide a safe, and free moving space where parents can come to socialise, be pampered, meet friends and feel part of something.

You won't feel so unsettled trying to settle them, and most of us are parents here at Penelope James, & completely understand everyone's situation.

Tea & Toast are available, and your little ones can move around a little freer in these events.

We have small activities to keep your little ones entertained.

In the Spring 2022 we intend to renovate our backyard area into a play area, that children will be able to safely enjoy also.

Charitable Events - 

We are talking with various different charities at the moment to find a way to help our community in a way that will make a real difference.

Please talk to us if you have any questions you may need answering.

Tel: 01772 452922.